deck stairs estimator

Deck Stairs Estimator

A companion to the DECK ESTIMATOR and DECK PRO. Estimates the cost of Deck Stairs and optional stair railing.

Just enter the stair width, horizontal run, and railing length (if any). Then press calculate and you get your totals. Total linear ft. of Tread, Risers, Stringers, Beams, Posts, Concrete, Screws, Nails, Handrail, Intermediate rail, and Balusters. You also get all the cost of each item, tax on the material, a labor rate and an allowance for overhead and profit.
Each item can be adjusted for price before or after you enter the dimension and get your totals.
You can also change the stringer spacing, beam spacing, post spacing, concrete depth, newel post spacing, and baluster spacing. Go back to the totals page and everything gets updated automatically.
“All the calculations use industry standard estimating and material takeoff principals. Calculations were written by a carpenter/deck builder of over 35 years. If you are a Builder, Contractor, Deck Builder or Handyman this is an indispensable tool that will save hours off the time to estimate a project as well as eliminate mistakes. Equip all your estimators with this app.” Kevin Michael JC. Master Carpenter.